We have operated as an independent company for over 20 years part with the owner of one of the largest displays of Range cookers in the UK with over 100 cookers on display, (Also with other major appliance retailers).

We are now concentrating on gas safety in the home with an exclusive emergency gas shut off valve, also to be used to test the Gas Cooker.

Having sold over 1000 GAS and ELECTRIC Range Cookers on Line, and installed hundreds together with assisting the installation all over the world, inc. the USA: AUSTRALIA: the EU. and other countries and Islands. This is a SITE for gas cooker Installation having over 30 years  experience.

Intrducing the EXCLUSIVE gas cooker installation kit c/w . fitting instructions, Please note cookers must be fitted by a gas registered engineer in the UK.

For Further Info on the Gas connection Kit go to; our KIT PARTS and price page from link on MENU above.


Half Inch Gas Gas control and Testing Valve
Malcolm over 20 years gas experience

                      WHY THIS VALVE IS REQUIRED

Background on why gas safety awareness must be made


Throughout the UK nearly all free standing gas cookers are connected to the gas supply with a flexible gas hose with a bayonet fitting, very few members of the public know how it operates and it can be in an inaccessible place such as in the corner of a cupboard and very tight even if which way to push and twist was known by a normal person let alone the elderly or partially disabled, therefore the public in the past have been informed to telephone (if they could remember the number) their supplier “IF THEY SMELL GAS” some would turn the gas off at the gas meter if they knew how to or where the meter is situated (this could be in a dark garage behind personal effects), this has caused  accidents with a leaking (faulty) gas appliance, the device was made after experiencing this for twenty years. Also gas pressure problems solved with visits to  France and the USA, and  a  website for the past 10 years.


For the benefit of future gas cooker customers and installers, this  web site has been opened following worldwide distribution and installation assistance of gas and dual fuel cookers.